Product Description

iCooler Clean: H₂OK™ is a powerful water cooler cleansing agent. Use one bottle every three to six months to keep your bottleless water cooler sparkling clean. Eliminate the accumulation of biofilm or “slime” with one use of H₂OK™.

    According to the manufacturer of H₂OK™:

  • 1 treatment works for 3-6 months to remove any residual odor or taste
  • H₂OK™ is easy to use! Add one bottle to the empty cooler, wait fifteen minutes, drain out of both taps, and your cooler is clean.
  • H₂OK™ can also be used to clean out “carboys” and “camel packs” along with to-go water bottles.
  • Maintaining your water cooler regularly ensures clean, fresh, thirst-quenching water.