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STEP 1 – Purchase Your iBottleLess Water Cooler
Competitively priced from $389 to $489, iBottleless bottleless water coolers include a basic carbon filtration system and an installation kit so you or someone on your staff can install your bottleless water cooler and you can start using it the day it arrives. The moment your bottleless water cooler is shipped, you can expect to receive it with two to five business days (barring holidays.)[/ezcol_4fifth_end]

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2[/ezcol_1fifth][ezcol_4fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””]STEP 2 – Set-up Your Cooler
It is a snap to set up your iBottleless water cooler. We provide tutorial videos online with easy instructions. If you need a little bit of extra assistance, our help desk is a phone call away. For an additional fee (approximately $199), we can send a technician in your area to install your cooler. We understand that sometimes, larger offices require unique set-up.[/ezcol_4fifth_end]

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3[/ezcol_1fifth][ezcol_4fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””]STEP 3 – Change Filters (Every 6 Months)
While a filter may be useful for about a year, sediments and other particles can wear them down. With any bottleless water cooler, we recommend getting a replacement filter (which is also easy to install) every six months. As life can get hectic, let us remind you with a helpful e-mail that it is time to change your filter. At iBottleless, we are committed to the best quality of your drinking water. You can purchase additional filters in our store and replacement is as easy
as 1-2-3.[/ezcol_4fifth_end]

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[ezcol_4fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””]STEP 4 – Quench Your Thirst!
With proper installation and maintenance of your bottleless water cooler from iBottleless.com, your filtered tap water is now just as good as-if not superior to-bottled water. Your home or office provides unlimited water and we are happy to serve you. If you still need more information, feel free to give us a call or if you are ready to take the steps necessary to provide your family or employees with safe, delicious water, we at iBottleless would love to help you.[/ezcol_4fifth_end]

Once you purchase your iBottleLess water cooler you will eliminate bottled water deliveries, no more running out of water – unlimited supply, no more injuries lifting 42lb. bottles, and achieve dramatically reduced costs! See our chart below.