On average, most municipalities bill out around 1 cent per every 3-4 gallons of water consumed/used. Using those numbers, if you were to replace your city/community provided water with the equivalency of 25 gallons of fresh, drinkable (potable) water per month using a new iBottleLess™ cooler, or even replacing five 5-gallon bottles you might be consuming with another bottled water cooler system with iBottleLess™, your municipal water bill would go approximately 6.5 to 8.5 cents per month; a mere, $1.02 -$1.10 annually. So, the answer is yes, but that’s a nominal fee in return for the added benefit of the convenience of having clean, fresh water at your fingertips without the hassle of waiting on deliveries or swapping out 40-45 lb bottles yourself when you run out.

Plus, remember!… You’re going to be saving in the long run when you subtract the cost of bottled water you were buying previously, delivery costs, and cooler rental costs. And, let’s not forget the positive environmental impact you’re going to make by replacing all of those plastic bottles that aren’t always recycled!