Bottleless Water Coolers Seattle

Seattle, at the edge of Puget Sound, is a beautiful place with an incredible amount of rainfall. It is a wonderfully environmentally-conscious city, offering alternatives to individual transit, waste reduction, and recycling. We at admire Seattle’s commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation.

Using a bottleless water cooler in Seattle, you can achieve remarkable results, such as reducing your carbon footprint and the levels of plastic waste that make their way into Puget Sound. With a standard 2-step micron carbon filtration system, any trace contaminants such as lead, chlorine and arsenic are filtered away, leaving your Seattle water clean and thirst-quenching.

Also available is reverse osmosis for when you want absolutely nothing but the pure water molecule. Through a 4-step system, reverse osmosis attached to your bottleless water cooler, pressure forces water through a series of membranes bearing pores smaller than the size of the head of a pin.

  • You can own your bottleless water cooler in Seattle for the price of a few months’ rental from costly bottled water delivery services.
  • Eliminate the cost associated with injuries due to lugging 48 pound 5-gallon bottles
  • A bottleless water cooler in Seattle purifies the water of Puget Sound
  • Installation of the bottleless water cooler is remarkably easy
  • Maintenance of the bottleless water cooler is a snap with filter replacements required every 6-8 months or 1500-gallons, whichever comes first.

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When you purchase a bottleless water cooler from, you have the option of a small counter-top filtered water dispenser, a standard black or white bottleless water cooler, or a slim-lined stainless steel bottleless water cooler for office use.