Bottleless Water Coolers Phoenix

At, we are so impressed by the city of Phoenix’s determination to keep their municipal water clean. According to their website (http:// “The city of Phoenix provides drinking water to more than 1.5 million people within our 540 square-mile service area. On average, about 95 percent of Phoenix’s water comes from surface water (lakes and rivers) and the remaining water comes from groundwater (wells)… Phoenix is committed to providing the highest quality drinking water and service to our customers.”

Do you know what this means? Phoenix residents, your tap water is subjected to multiple tests per month for clarity and with a proper filtration system, you can eliminate the bottle entirely. How is that? With a bottleless water cooler from, you filter your already impeccable tap water to that highly-desired “bottled water quality.” A bottleless water cooler in Phoenix is a sound investment for your home or office. Here is how:

Using a bottleless water cooler in Phoenix, you can stay hydrated with a refillable container, reduce your carbon footprint, and use your existing tap as an unlimited water source. With a standard 2-step micron carbon filtration system, any trace contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, and large sediments are filtered away.

Also available is reverse osmosis for when you want absolutely nothing but the pure water molecule. Through a 4-step system, reverse osmosis attached to your bottleless water cooler, pressure forces water through a series of membranes bearing pores smaller than the size of the head of a pin.

  • You can own your bottleless water cooler in Phoenix for the price of a few months’ rental from costly bottled water delivery services.
  • You are keeping your lakes and rivers plastic-free
  • Eliminate the cost associated with injuries due to lugging 48 pound 5-gallon bottles
  • Installation of the bottleless water cooler is remarkably easy
  • Maintenance of the bottleless water cooler is a snap with filter replacements required every 6-8 months or 1500-gallons, whichever comes first.

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When you purchase a bottleless water cooler from, you have the option of a small counter-top filtered water dispenser, a standard black or white bottleless water cooler, or a slim-lined stainless steel bottleless water cooler for office use.